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4XGMPR HRCH Veragators G'Force ZZ Top is the foundation Pointing Labrador female at RiversWild Retrievers. She has an amazing on/off switch in the field she is a hard driving dog but in the house she is one of the most laid back dogs I own.  From talking to previous puppy buyers ZZ has thrown this temperament into her pups as well.  It really makes it nice to have these dogs around.

We have a lot to offer you. We have the best because we only breed to the best. Their pedigrees and titles of the Stud dogs we use speak for themselves.  

We offer the best pointing labrador breedings possible at RiversWild Retrievers. We are a small kennel which provides us with more one on one time with our litters which makes for happy well adjusted puppies, which means satisfied customers.

Our goal at RiversWild Retrievers is to breed for dogs with intense natural point. They are labs of course and have tons of natural desire to retrieve.

You a€™re always welcome here. Stop in and chat with us anytime.
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 puppy accomplishments.
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 ZZ puppies that earned their CPR Titles  

 "Congrats to pups and owners for earning there CPR Titles."
 Well done!

Dixie(ZZxRooster)HRK's Outlaw Dixie Smasher                   owned by Shaun Greene

Dreke(ZZxRooster)NelsonsTungsten Drekar R Wing 
         owned by Hans Nelson

***Sarge(ZZxKenai) Sergeant Kenai'zz RiversWild
             owned by Mark Epley. Sarge earned his                      Master Title in 2014....Way to go!!

Kiaya(ZZxRooster)RiversWild Outlaw Kiaya RooZZ
         owned by Catherine Burch
 It's in her eyes!!!
Meet the first 4XGMPR Lady of:
"RiversWild Retrievers"


What is a Pointing Lab?
The Pointing Labrador is a retriever that points upland game birds, and retains all the retriever's great assets. The Pointing Lab combines all of the best qualities of the Labrador retriever as a great family companion, superb hunter and retriever on land or water with the added advantages of a Pointer. The Pointing Lab will find upland game and establish point while holding the game until its handler can reach the area and flush the game.
"4XGMPR HRCH Veragators G'Force ZZ Top"
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